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Transhumance and Curiosity, an art meeting

Today, 17 July, at Villa Rodolfi in Villanuova Ozzano Taro (Parma), the art exhibition TranshumanceLeggi tutto

Italy and China: the life of Matteo Ricci and Xu Guangqi

Si terrà sabato 18 luglio (ore 19.30) e domenica 19 luglio (ore 16) al Piccolo Teatro di Milano la pLeggi tutto

Music in Verona with Pronext

Saturday 11 July Pronext | Contec Group invites you at the church of San Giorgio in Braida in VLeggi tutto

New offices for Contec Industry

New strategic offices for the colleagues of Contec Industry that will join the head-quarter in via ALeggi tutto

Contec welcomes the future of hotel accommodation

Today at the headquarters of Confindustria Verona, it will be hosted the technical meeting Tourism ILeggi tutto

The Curiosity of the Designer | a program of conferences

The curiosity of the designer is the title of the program of conferences presented by arch. Enrico MLeggi tutto

Contec and Kiton, new projects in progress

Kiton – expression of the finest Neapolitan tailoring tradition – presents its new corpoLeggi tutto

Inauguration of the new TEEM

The new eastern external beltway in Milan has been presented on one of the major Italian newspaper,Leggi tutto

Workshop “Logistics and Maintenance”

New professional event organized by Contec AQS in collaboration with SHR LOG Italy!  TomorrowLeggi tutto

Inauguration fo Fondazione Prada in Milano

Tomorrow – 9 May – the magnificent spaces of the Fondazione Prada will be inaugurated. The comLeggi tutto

Contec and Zambon: the new Oxygen Pavilion

Zambon Farmaceutica and Contec Ingegneria are again professional partner. Today at the headquarter oLeggi tutto

Technical teaching at SAIE 2014

New participation at the 50° Exposition of the Building Innovation (SAIE) in Bologna. Thursday 23rdLeggi tutto

Contec AQS at EXPO 2015

That moment has finally arrived. Tomorrow – 1st May – EXPO 2015 in Milan will start…also with the paLeggi tutto