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Organization and digitization of the building process – new publication

The article coedited by Ing. Stefano Savoia of Contec Ingegneria, entitled “Organization and dLeggi tutto

Enhancement of industrial heritage – Contec takes part in iWrecks

Contec Ingegneria participates as technical contributor in the event organized by the iWrecks researLeggi tutto

Energy audit renewal 2019

In 2019 the deadline for the drafting of the second mandatory Energy Audit required by Legislative DLeggi tutto

Würth Italia chooses Contec for the spead of technical contents

The collaboration between Würth Italia and Contec Group for the spread of free technical contents thLeggi tutto

The management of the safety of workers abroad – seminar

The management of the safety of workers abroad requires the drafting of specific procedures that cleLeggi tutto

The legal control of suppliers, the digital solution of I-CON

I-CON, the Contec Group company specializing in software development, presents the digital solutionLeggi tutto

BIM in Italy: the free handbook is available

The handbook about the state of the art of BIM is available free of charge; it has been published byLeggi tutto

Bill of quantities and BIM: Contec research is ready

The research developed by BIS-lab® Building Innovation & Skills Lab, the research laboratory ofLeggi tutto

Office design: new Coelsanus offices are complete

The new spaces of Coelsanus – the leader of the canning industry – are complete. The spaLeggi tutto

The assistance to SAVE for “Marco Polo” airport successfully ended

SAVE and the ATI Maltauro-Itinera have signed the contract for the renovation of the flight infrastrLeggi tutto

Funding and benefits for the restoration

The Venetian Villas Regional Institute IRVV has provided for measures to support the restoration ofLeggi tutto

Verona Manager interviews Contec Group

Verona Manager has published its latest issue, which includes the interview made to Contec Group toLeggi tutto

Machinery and plants 4.0: what to do by December 31

The National Industry 4.0 Plan represents an opportunity for companies to increase production technoLeggi tutto

Art and engineering for Slight Agitation 4/4 in Milan

The exhibition “Slight Agitation 4/4: Laura Lima” opens tomorrow, June 15th 2018. It repLeggi tutto

BIM and digitization of the construction process in the Public Administration – free seminar

The free seminar “BIM and digitization of the construction process: how does the role of the PLeggi tutto

Contec Ingegneria new member of Assorestauro

Contec Ingegneria joins Assorestauro – the Italian association for architectural, artistic andLeggi tutto

CE marking of robotized islands

In industrial production processes, even the robotic islands are subject to the Machinery Directive.Leggi tutto

Free training BIM, the initiative of ASSOBIM

Free training for BIM “BIM IN PRATICA” is the latest ASSOBIM initiative – with theLeggi tutto

The elegant man by Kiton open in Milan

The Milanese Design Week is celebrated by Kiton with an exhibition on the elegance in one of the hisLeggi tutto

CE marking of the self-built lifting equipment

Are the self-built lifting equipment you use compliant? What are the obligations of the employer-buiLeggi tutto

Carlo Scarpa and Castelvecchio, also Contec in the book by Richard Murphy

Carlo Scarpa and Castelvecchio revisited by Richard Murphy (2017, Breakfast Mission Publishing) is tLeggi tutto

Hospital planning: the latest success of Contec Ingegneria

Contec Ingegneria is part of the team that has won the procedure opened by the AUSL Bologna for theLeggi tutto

Ministerial decree about BIM in Italy has come into force

The BIM Decree (DM 560/2017) has been published in Gazzetta Ufficiale in recent weeks. It was issuedLeggi tutto

Italian Days in Moscow: Pronext is present

Pronext | Contec group represents Verona and Italy in an event focused on the promotion of the Leggi tutto

Logistics and safety in warehouses: a new workshop

“Logistics and safety in warehouses” is the first workshop in Italy not only about securLeggi tutto

Tourism Investment 2016: Pronext speaker

Tourism Investment2016 (, the fair of tourism of Bergamo (28 and 29 SeptembLeggi tutto

Process innovation for Kamaz by Contec Industry

Contec Industry will be part of an international team for the construction of a new painting line foLeggi tutto

The web portal by Contec for qualifying the suppliers

Contec Group has created a portal for qualifying the technical service providers, in according withLeggi tutto

Innovations in Design: Open Source

The innovations in Design will be the main theme of the workshop organized by Open Building and BIS-Leggi tutto

EU Blue Guide, the new rules for industrial products

The Blue Guide of European Union has been published – 16 years after the first edition – in thLeggi tutto

Mosque of Algiers, the new BIM commitment for Contec

It travels abroad – specifically to North Africa – the new commitment of Contec IngegnerLeggi tutto

ESCo Verona: new certifications for ECon Energy

Econ Energy, the company of Contec Group specialized in energy engineering, obtained two important cLeggi tutto

Design for office: AVL VWG’s spaces are ready

Contec Ingegneria curated the design and the work direction in coordination with Contec AQS –Leggi tutto

Information Technology and Contec Group: I-CON

Information Technology and Contec Group is an unusual combination that today finds expression in a nLeggi tutto

Directive PED 2014.68. UE: Contec Industry comments

The PED – Pressure Equipment Directive – 2014.68. UE is the new reference to be observedLeggi tutto

Safety and sustainability of the business events

Safety and sustainability of the events for companies is the theme of the free workshop organized byLeggi tutto

Air Liquide and Contec are sporting partners

Contec has become sporting partner of Air Liquide – the world leader in gas production at theLeggi tutto

The update of ISO 9001-2015: Contec is ready

The update of ISO 9001-2015 was the theme of the training meeting for experts and officers of QMS (QLeggi tutto

Work-related stress. Reflections and management.

“Monitoring and intervention to optimize the assessment and management of work-related stressLeggi tutto

Professional Training. The curiosity of Designer

It continues with the third edition, the program of professional training “Curiosity of designLeggi tutto

Management of the construction site and BIM: Contec is a case-study

The optimal management of the construction site in terms of safety and BIM is the main theme of a unLeggi tutto

Contec Ingegneria mentioned as Italian excellence

Maurizio Cossato – President emeritus and Technical Director of Contec Ingegneria – hasLeggi tutto

Isolated spaces: the latest workshop of Contec AQS

It’s in schedule today, 15th April, at Confindustria Verona, the latest workshop of Contec AQS focusLeggi tutto

Two new hospitals in Verona. Contec Ingegneria’s reflections

It is time for excellent visits for the biggest construction site in Verona, composed by the hospitaLeggi tutto

Engineering and Art : Contec at MART for the sculptor Penone

After the design and the work direction with the Master Mario Botta, Contec Ingegneria collaboratesLeggi tutto

Innovation at Contec’s : a new managerial software has been created for the service industry

It is called MPR Management Process Review, the new management software created by Contec for the inLeggi tutto

The dual role of the Contec Group in the requalification of the Chamber of Commerce’s offices

From its historical location in the spaces of the Domus Mercatorum in the square of Piazza Erbe, thiLeggi tutto

What has been done and what we may expect: the real estate between 2015 and 2016

Following the directives developed during the year just passed, in 2016 the real estate market preseLeggi tutto

Goshka Macuga at Fondazione Prada, a new collaboration for Contec Ingegneria

Today, 4th February 2016, takes place the inauguration of the latest exhibition curated by the artisLeggi tutto

BIM technical teaching for BIS-Lab® | Contec Ingegneria

“The construction process: BIM approach for a quality design” is the title of the lessons that ConteLeggi tutto

The restoration of Palazzo Fulcis in Belluno has been concluded

The restoration of Palazzo Fulcis has been an important task for Contec Ingegneria, that were involvLeggi tutto

Case cantoniere: new opportunities for the territory enhancement

Appennino Abruzzese and Appulo Sannitico State Road no. 17, Grappa and Rolle mountain pass State RoaLeggi tutto

Contec AQS and Lidl Group, a new synergy

Contec AQS is proud to announce the beginning of the synergy with the companies of the Lidl Group – Leggi tutto

Contec Group and San Pellegrino: an upcoming collaboration

December has been a very special month for the Contec Group, which is involved in enriching its expeLeggi tutto

Inauguration of the works for the Television Centre in London

Last week, the works for the great construction’s site of the Television Centre in London were inaugLeggi tutto

The undersecretary Borletti Buitoni reflects about Villa Balladoro

Yesterday, during her visit to Villa Balladoro in Povegliano – the undersecretary of the minisLeggi tutto

Expo 2015, the feedback from Contec

From May to October, 184 days of exhibition and almost 21 millions of visitors: this is the most sigLeggi tutto

Pronext website is now online

Pronext new website ( is now online. Pronext is the company of Contec Group, active iLeggi tutto

The refurbishment of Palazzo del Capitanio has started

Palazzo Cansignorio, Palazzo Podestà, Palazzo Pretorio, Palazzo del Tribunale are the most recurrentLeggi tutto

Contec works for hospital centres in Verona

Contec Ingegneria and its technical staff are active in a twofold far-reaching involvement concerninLeggi tutto

ECON Energy is active on energetic retrofit

Econ Energy will develop an important consultancy on energy – in cooperation with Studio ProteLeggi tutto

Contec AQS present at the Facility Management Day 2015

Contec AQS will be present at the 2015 edition of the Facility Management Day in the 28th of OctoberLeggi tutto

Pronext is a member of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce

The news is now official. After passing the stage of admission by the competent bodies, Pronext joinLeggi tutto

International call for interior designers

Pronext launches a professional call for n. 1 Interior Designer Project Manager and n. 1 Interior DeLeggi tutto

New strategic partnerships for Contec AQS

September has been a period very intense for Contec AQS that signed three important agreements in thLeggi tutto

It’s time to award at EXPO 2015

Yesterday, 29 September, at the Triennale of Milan the ceremony of the award “Le ArchitettureLeggi tutto

Contec Industry will be present at GIS 2015

From 1 to 3 October 2015 , Contec Industry will be present at GIS EXPO 2015 – Giornate Italiane delLeggi tutto

Contec Ingegneria exhibited in Parma

Monday 21 September at 17.30 the exhibition “Nuovo Ponte della Navetta – 87 idee per ilLeggi tutto

Mace visits Contec Group

Today MACE Group ( – worldwide leader in the sector of consultancy and constLeggi tutto

Pronext in conversation with Best Western

Yesterday, 14 September, Pronext has participated in Milan in the first briefing for professional orLeggi tutto

The new directive “Seveso III” is now ruling in Italy

A new European directive is now ruling in Italy for operators that work in industries, specificallyLeggi tutto

New call open at Contec AQS – Marketing & Business Development

Following its positive and increasing expansion, Contec AQS – the company of Gruppo Contec specializLeggi tutto

Contec Industry introduce la nuova direttiva ATEX

Si può definire ormai ben avviato l’iter di applicazione della nuova Direttiva europea ATEX (ATEX 20Leggi tutto

Contec’s partners again on tv

New presence on tv for Contec’s partners. The summer edition of Petrolio, tv show of journalisLeggi tutto

Superquark presents the scientific project curated by RFX

Last night the tv show Superquark – broadcasted on the major Italian channel Rai 1 – focLeggi tutto

Transhumance and Curiosity, an art meeting

Today, 17 July, at Villa Rodolfi in Villanuova Ozzano Taro (Parma), the art exhibition TranshumanceLeggi tutto

Italy and China: the life of Matteo Ricci and Xu Guangqi

Si terrà sabato 18 luglio (ore 19.30) e domenica 19 luglio (ore 16) al Piccolo Teatro di Milano la pLeggi tutto

Music in Verona with Pronext

Saturday 11 July Pronext | Contec Group invites you at the church of San Giorgio in Braida in VLeggi tutto

New offices for Contec Industry

New strategic offices for the colleagues of Contec Industry that will join the head-quarter in via ALeggi tutto

Contec welcomes the future of hotel accommodation

Today at the headquarters of Confindustria Verona, it will be hosted the technical meeting Tourism ILeggi tutto